2015/2016 Komen Memorial
Grant Awards $531,343

The Memorial Affiliate of Susan G. Komen® is proud to announce that over $531,000.00 has been awarded in grants to agencies throughout its 36-county service area for programs which provide breast health awareness, education, and screening.

Seventy-five percent of net proceeds raised from Memorial Affiliate events remain in Central Illinois and twenty-five percent supports the Susan G. Komen National Grant Program for breast cancer research to benefit women throughout the United States and the world.  Since its establishment, the Memorial Affiliate of Susan G. Komen has awarded more than $11 million to Central Illinois agencies for breast health awareness, education, screening, and treatment.

Area Grantees Are:

Fulton County Health Department; Canton, IL - $19,939.00
Project Director:    Amy Edwards    Phone:    (309) 647-1134    E-Mail:     aedwards@fultonco.org
Grant Title:    Diagnostic and Supportive Services
Fulton County Health Department will utilize funding to provide diagnostic care and supportive services. Fulton County is a large rural area with limited public transportation and limited access to client services. Our facility promotes breast health awareness and has funding available to provide screening services. When abnormalities are identified, clients will be informed and encouraged to complete all of their follow up care. A voucher system is in place to provide financial assistance to those in need of diagnostic care. Staff will assist clients by scheduling appointments and providing referrals as needed. Clients will be monitored from initial contact to the completion of their follow up care. In the event of a cancer diagnosis, clients will be offered supportive services. Our facility has an existing survivor group that welcomes any client diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hancock County Health Department, Carthage, IL - $21,126.00
Project Director:    Maureen Crawford    Phone:    (217) 357-2171    E-Mail:     maureencrawford@hchd1.org
Grant Title: Meeting Needs of Hancock County Women with Outreach, Education, Screenings and Follow Up Care
The Hancock County Health Department (HCHD) will present an extensive campaign of community outreach and education during the 2016 grant year. Efforts to raise awareness and distribute program and educational materials will take several forms, including program education and promotion with providers, collaboration with local schools to designate Pink football, volleyball and basketball games; staff presence at 4 parades and other community events during the grant year; partnerships with local food pantries, hospital patient registration staff, and the Ministerial Alliance to improve connections with the most needy individuals in our population, and a High Heel Race featuring local celebrities to be held at the Hancock County Fights Cancer event in June. A new area of emphasis this year will be support for uninsured and under-insured breast cancer survivors. Services provided will include follow-up mammograms and lab work, and gas cards for those who travel to receive care.

Hult Center for Healthy Living, Peoria, IL - $18,196.00
Project Director:    Holland Nickerson    Phone:    (309) 692-6650    E-Mail:     hnickerson@hulthealthy.org
Grant Title:    Breast Self Awareness
The purpose of the Breast Self-Awareness (BSA) program is to educate young women in the KMASA about BSA and increase their knowledge and healthy behaviors related to breast health. BSA will educate women on the importance of making breast health a priority throughout their lifetime, encouraging habits to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The activities utilize a PowerPoint presentation and video to help reinforce the message of: know your risk, get screened, know what is normal for you, and make healthy lifestyle choices. Students will participate by using TurningPoint hand-held remotes to answer questions. This data will be used to assess a growth in knowledge and behavior change. Students will be encouraged to take home the message of prevention to pass on to important females in their lives. The program expects to educate 1,500 female participants, and will directly and indirectly impact many female teens and adults in the KMASA concerning their breast health and self-awareness.

Hult Center for Healthy Living, Peoria, IL - $16,000.00
Project Director:    Holland Nickerson    Phone:    (309) 692-6650    E-Mail:     hnickerson@hulthealthy.org
Grant Title:    Making Connections
The “Making Connections” program provides individual counseling, support groups, and therapeutic massage to breast cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers in the Central Illinois area to help alleviate the emotional, mental, and physical challenges that may accompany their cancer journey. Individual counseling will be provided to 125 individuals to help them improve their coping skills, self-efficacy, anxiety management, and quality of life. Support groups will be provided to 250 individuals, offering an outlet for individuals to share their experiences, exchange information, build a network of support, and discuss the issues and concerns that arise during their cancer journey. Therapeutic massage will be provided to 100 breast cancer patients and survivors to help reduce their pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and help them cope with the unpleasant side effects of medical treatment.

Knox County Health Department, Galesburg, IL - $12,164.00
Project Director:    Heather Kusler    Phone:    (309) 344-2224    E-Mail:     hkusler@knoxcountyhealth.org
Grant Title:    Mammograms and system navigation for low income and under/uninsured women in Knox County
The goals of this project include increasing the availability of screening and diagnostic mammograms, assisting women in the target population to overcome access barriers that prevent them from prioritizing their breast health, and increasing awareness and decreasing knowledge deficits regarding breast cancer and breast health. Key activities include assisting the target population to obtain needed screening and diagnostic mammograms; educating women at community health events regarding breast health and access to needed services; and reaching out to women at the Knox Community Health Center, to healthcare providers, faith-based organizations, and social service agencies. Approximately 2,000 women will be served by the project. The expected outcomes include increasing screening and diagnostic mammograms, and decreasing access barriers that limit rural, low income and minority women from seeking services while increasing community breast health education.

LaSalle County Health Department, LaSalle, IL - $2,500.00
Project Director:    Cathleen Larsen    Phone:    (815) 433-3366    E-Mail:     clarsen@lasallecounty.org
Grant Title:    Breast Cancer Screening, Education, and Awareness Grant
LCHD has designed a project to support the mission of Susan G. Komen–to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by providing services and education to qualifying women in LaSalle and Grundy Counties. With 8 mammography facilities in LaSalle and Grundy Counties to choose from, women can feel comfortable receiving services locally and feel that have a mammogram “home” for annual screenings. The ultimate goal of this project is to support early detection by empowering women to have an annual screening mammogram. Utilizing a SMART objective, the grant performance will be evaluated each year for the number of women served and breast cancers detected. This project has been successfully on-going for many years at this agency. Despite the ACA, there are women who remain uninsured or underinsured who seek assistance from LCHD, including Mammography services. Funding awarded from the “Mammograms Save Lives License Plate Mammogram Fund” will support this project.

McDonough County Health Department, Macomb, IL - $13,945.00
Project Director:    Kerri Allen    Phone:    (309) 837-9951    E-Mail:     kallen@mchdept.com
Grant Title:    Breast Health Education and Client Services
McDonough County Health Department is located in rural central Illinois. This project will serve rural women over the age of 40 years who need to make breast health a priority and assist with overcoming barriers of access that may include but is not limited to knowledge deficits of breast health and the availability of mammogram screenings if they are uninsured, underinsured or have high deductibles, cost, and transportation issues. Activities will include attending local health fairs, and sharing information about breast health and programming to rural women, various marketing techniques and social media posts on Facebook promoting breast health and mammograms. This breast health program will target approximately 500 women to increase their breast health knowledge and will include 12 screening mammograms, 4 diagnostic mammograms and 2 breast ultrasounds being offered to assist 18 women that meet the above qualifications.

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation - Susan G. Komen Breast Center, Peoria, IL - $9,454.00
Project Director:    Lisa Steil    Phone:    (309) 683-5328    E-Mail:     lisa.r.steil@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:    OSF-The Breast Health Community Outreach & Recruitment Program
The Access to Breast Imaging Program will improve access to care by providing imaging exams to those in need. Methods to achieve these goals will be communication of the grant availability throughout the OSF community and to those in the community that we partner with. The target populations will be uninsured and underinsured African American and Hispanic populations, rural populations, and women of screening mammogram age who do not know about or do not follow screening mammogram guidelines. We expect that removing the concern of financial burden will encourage women to receive the recommended breast imaging.

OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation - Susan G. Komen Breast Center, Peoria, IL - $15,000.00
Project Director:    Tenille Oderwald    Phone:    (309) 683-5324    E-Mail:     tenille.m.oderwald@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:    OSF-Pink Link
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center will continue to collaborate with Unity Point Health-Methodist of Illinois to provide financial assistance for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer through Pink Link. Pink Link will continue to focus on newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, providing them with gas and grocery cards. We understand the financial burden of cancer can be great for some. We desire for the patient’s main focus to be on healing instead of the stress of financial hardship. We have provided this program for the past 7 years with great success.

OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation - Susan G. Komen Breast Center, Peoria, IL - $15,000.00
Project Director:    Catherine Horst    Phone:    (309) 645-0646    E-Mail:    catherine.m.horst@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:    OSF – Route to Recovery: A Continuum of Care for Breast Cancer Survivors
OSF Breast Health Navigators, OSF Rehab, and OSFipmr clinicians are joining forces to create a continuum of care for breast cancer survivors. We will encourage patients of all demographics, but especially those who, for financial reasons, might forego important survivorship services to navigate their individual “Route to Recovery.” In addition to pre-surgical orientation, these services will include STAR rehabilitation program education; psychological counseling; oncology massage; acupuncture; nutrition counseling; and lymph-edema prevention. For those whose insurance doesn’t cover non-therapy treatments, or those who cannot afford them, grant funds will provide a scholarship to enable survivors to receive the treatment they need. We will hold a “Route to Recovery” clinic twice a month at the Centers for Breast Health, serving an anticipated 100 women in one year. The clinic will increase access to care, reduce anxiety, and empower survivors to take a proactive role in their recovery.

Tazewell County Health Department, Tremont, IL - $42,787.00
Project Director:    Kim Gudzinskas    Phone:    (309) 925-5511    E-Mail:    kgudzinskas@tchd.net
Grant Title:    Reaching the Unreachable
The TCHD program “Reaching the Unreachable” is targeting women within the rural communities that lie within Tazewell County, specifically, but not limited to: Armington, Hopedale, Minier, Mackinaw, South Pekin, Green Valley, Tremont and Delavan. Since the initiation of the the Affordable Care Act (ACT), more women than ever now have insurance that pays for a mammogram. For women with or without health insurance, access remains a huge barrier. Tazewell County is large geographically, and none of the fore mentioned communities have public transportation, and access to the nearest mammogram facility is at least 20 miles from home. We want to get out into the rural areas, provide education that will empower women to get their screenings. We will provide fuel cards as well as navigate women through the healthcare system. Some of these women have never seen a physician or even been out of their home towns. Staff will help them along the way, educating them on the system as we go along.

UnityPoint Health – Methodist|Proctor Foundation, Peoria, IL - $83,500.00
Project Director:    Susan Gulley    Phone:    (309) 672-5979    E-Mail:    susan.gulley@unitypoint.org
Grant Title:    Breast Health Recruitment and Assessment
Population Served: African American, Hispanic and Rural community women who need increased availability of screening and diagnostic mammography and those who have barriers which have prevented regular mammography. Barriers include reasonable access, cost, transportation, knowledge deficits and/or making breast health a priority. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is a critical factor in the survival of the patient. Due to lack of knowledge, fear, poverty, no insurance and/or no convenient access to services women from the African American, Hispanic and Rural communities have low rates of regular screenings with the suggested standards for mammography testing. Activities: Identification, education and improved access to services. Critical to success is the Outreach Educator who will connect targeted groups with breast health services by utilizing the Mammovan in seven counties. Number served: 250 mammography exams; outreach education – 1500. Outcomes: 95% patient satisfaction

UnityPoint Health – Methodist|Proctor Foundation, Peoria, IL - $12,625.00
Project Director:    Teresa Pheasant    Phone:    309-672-5781    E-Mail:    teresa.pheasant@unitypoint.org
Grant Title:    Treatment Support
Purpose: The program is administered by the UnityPoint Health – Methodist|Proctor Foundation. Breast cancer patients who qualify for financial assistance can receive support for the purchase of post-surgical camisoles; specialty bras and breast prosthesis. These items specifically assist the patient feel more comfortable and dignified after treatment for breast cancer. Studies have shown that these items contribute to the patient’s feeling of well-being and assist them in dealing with breast cancer regardless of financial resources. Educational materials include Breast Cancer Treatment handbook. This program is a collaboration to serve patients of UnityPoint Health – Methodist | Proctor and OSF Saint Francis. Key Activities: Distribution of items designed to assist the patient in feeling more comfortable after treatment for breast cancer throughout the 19 counties served by both organizations. These resources are critical for survivors and one less barrier for their experience.

UnityPoint Health – Methodist|Proctor Foundation; Peoria, IL - $58,995.00
Project Director:    Teresa Pheasant    Phone:    309-672-5781    E-Mail:    teresa.pheasant@unitypoint.org
Grant Title:    Breast Health Navigation Services
Breast Cancer disparities are differences in breast cancer outcomes among specific population groups. These groups may include those characterized by race/ethnicity, religion or nationality, socioeconomic status, age, geography, or disability. There are many reasons for the disparities in breast cancer outcomes in these populations. However, differences in the prevalence of established breast cancer risk factors, as well as barriers to quality care are often responsible. Barriers to quality care that may lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes are: financial and economic, language and cultural, communication, health care system, transportation, biases, fear. The proposed project – Breast Health Navigation Services, is a process by which a navigation team guides 150 patients through and around barriers in the continuum of care. Evidence has shown an improvement in five-year survival rates of breast cancer patients and families who were navigated from screening through resolution.

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District; Champaign, IL - $25,382.00
Project Director:    Charli Kahler    Phone:    (217) 531-4527    E-Mail:     ckahler@c-uphd.org
Grant Title:    Mammograms Save Lives
Identify uninsured or under-insured women in need of breast cancer screening; primarily Hispanic/Latino women. Through this grant, CUPHD IBCCP will pay for screening mammograms in uninsured and under-insured women. If fully funded, our goal is to provide screening mammograms for 300 low-income, uninsured or under-insured women from Champaign, McLean, and Vermilion Counties in Illinois. Data regarding mammograms provided is tracked via entries into the IDPH Cornerstone Computer System and a CUPHD Excel Database. Monthly provider reimbursements and statistics are accomplished through reports printed from these databases. The Excel Database allows for tracking the usage of the Komen grant funds and the women receiving these mammograms. This grant will supplement our current and future IDPH grant and help to prevent being placed on a waiting list to serve women in need.

Community Cancer Center Foundation; Normal, IL - $27,500.00
Project Director:    Becky Powell    Phone:    (309) 451-8500    E-Mail:     bpowell@cancercenter.org
Grant Title:    Pink Partners® of the Community Cancer Center
Pink Partners is an area wide initiative to educate women about breast health and to raise the mammography rate in our community. The program includes educational outreach activities to help clear the confusion about mammograms and other breast health concerns that will target African American, Hispanic, and rural women in McLean County and the six surrounding counties. This program provides access to a breast health navigator-who can assist women from diagnosis to survivorship, financial assistance for mammograms and/or diagnostic procedures for uninsured or underinsured women, transportation funding to get women to mammogram or breast cancer treatment appointments, and financial assistance for women diagnosed with breast cancer for non-medical debts acquired during treatment. By eliminating educational, financial, and transportation barriers, this project can impact the number of women seeking mammograms which, in turn, can save lives through early detection.

McLean County Health Department; Bloomington, IL – Small Grant - $10,000.00
Project Director:    Katie McHugh    Phone:    (309) 888-5954    E-Mail:     katie.mchugh@mcleancountyil.gov
Grant Title:    Worship in Pink
The Worship in Pink initiative will be presented to area church leaders as a way to open the lines of communication about breast health, promote breast cancer education, and celebrate the lives of those who have fought breast cancer. With their participation, individual Worship in Pink events will be scheduled for each faith-based organization tailored to meet their own community’s needs. McLean County Health Department will be specifically targeting churches in rural and minority communities who have lower rates of breast health education and mammography. Cost-free transportation to and from medical breast health appointments will be provided to program participants in need. The program will be evaluated with surveys of church members and congregation leaders. Through Worship in Pink, breast cancer education will spread to more than 500 McLean County residents, increasing the rates of women receiving mammograms and mitigating the deadly prognosis of breast cancer for patients.

Presence Covenant Medical Center; Urbana, IL - $17,587.00
Project Director:    Kevin Kegley    Phone:    (217) 260-1292    E-Mail:     kevin.kegly@presencehealth.org
Grant Title:    PCMC Breast Cancer Screening and Education Program
The community served by this program will be Champaign County. The target population served will be Black, Hispanic and women aged 40+ living in rural Champaign County. A description of key activities will be collaboration with agencies that serve the target population, such as CRIS Healthy Aging Center and PCMC’s Center for Healthy Living. Additional activities will be to provide free breast cancer screenings for the target population, education regarding breast cancer risk factors and risk reduction, and providing a better understanding of a diagnosis at any follow-up procedures, as necessary. The program outcomes of this initiative will include: 1.) Improved prevention and early detection for women over Black, Hispanic and women living in rural areas of Champaign County who are over the age of 40; 2.) Improved access for this target population; 3.) Improved survival and quality of life for patients with breast cancer diagnoses.

Provena United Samaritans Medical Center Foundation; Danville, IL - $17,587.00
Project Director:    Kevin Kegley    Phone:    (217) 260-1292    E-Mail:     kevin.kegly@presencehealth.org
Grant Title:    PUSMC Early Breast Cancer Detection Program
The community served by this program will be Vermilion County. The target population served will be Black, Hispanic and women aged 40+ living in rural Vermilion County. A description of key activities will be collaboration with agencies that serve the target population, such as CRIS Healthy Aging Center, Vermilion County Public Health District. Additional activities will be to provide free breast cancer screenings for the target population, education regarding breast cancer risk factors and risk reduction, and providing a better understanding of a diagnosis at any follow-up procedures, as necessary. The program outcomes of this initiative will include: 1.) Improved prevention and early detection for women over Black, Hispanic and women living in rural areas of Vermilion County who are over the age of 40; 2.) Improved access for this target population; 3.) Improved survival and quality of life for patients with breast cancer diagnoses.

Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University; Springfield, IL - $20,018.00
Project Director:    Kristi Lessen    Phone:    (217) 545-7493    E-Mail:     klessen@siumed.edu
Grant Title:    Mammogram Mondays
The Regional Cancer Partnership (RCP), via Memorial Medical Center (MMC), St. John’s Hospital (SJH), Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital (ALMH), and Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU, has the ability to change women’s views of the fear linked with mammograms. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women 40 and over, and who are considered high risk. Studies show women are uneasy having a mammogram because they fear discomfort; fear confronting the issue; misinformation about screening; and busy schedules. Mammogram Mondays will occur each Monday in October to encourage under-insured women to get a free mammogram.

Illinois Public Health Association; Springfield, IL - $35,000.00
Project Director:    Patricia Canessa, MD    Phone:    (312) 203-9468    E-Mail:     pcanessam@yahoo.com
Grant Title:    Overcome Barriers, Increase Knowledge and Link to Mammograms
The Overcome Barriers, Increase Knowledge and Linkage to Mammogram (OBIKL) Project targets African American (AA) women in Springfield and Decatur Illinois who are over the age of forty, low-income, homeless, formerly incarcerated and substance abusers. In Illinois, AA women are less likely to be diagnosed and more likely to die as a result of breast cancer than Caucasian women. The OBIKL Project activities are to provide community specific resource packages, appointment scheduling assistance, transportation, and breast cancer and mammogram education through one-on-one, group and social media and linkages support to mammogram services. Resulting in mammogram awareness, reducing inequalities in breast cancer and expanded early detection opportunities. The expected number served is 675 AA women. Expected Results: 100 AA women receive mammograms, 75 AA women receive one-on-one education session, 150 AA women participate in group session, 500 AA women reached though social media.

Memorial Medical Center Foundation; Springfield, IL - $10,000.00
Project Director:    Drew Snyder    Phone:    (217) 788-4604    E-Mail:     snyder.drew@mhsil.com
Grant Title:    Breast Patient Assistance Program
Memorial Medical Center’s Regional Cancer Center serves on average 350 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients annually. Patients come from all across Central and Southern Illinois. 21% of Memorial patients travel 50 miles or more for treatment, compared to the rest of the State Community Cancer Program hospitals at 10%. Seventy percent (70%) of Memorial patient’s income is less than $53,000 per year, whereas the Community Cancer Programs in Illinois hospitals are at 48%. Breast patients are in need in our community for assistance and Memorial will setup a breast cancer patient assistance program to specifically meet the basic needs of breast cancer patients using Memorial services. Memorial has an assessment process the nurse navigators and Regional Cancer Center staff use to determine the needs for assistance. Having access to these funds for our patients will allow Memorial to assure the patient has access to care and will not have to choose between treatment or shelter or food.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center; Mattoon, IL - $12,339.00
Project Director:    Retha Garver    Phone:    (217) 238-3736    E-Mail:     rgarver@sblhs.org
Grant Title:    Improving Experience of Breast Health Patients
SBL will provide support for access to care for 800 breast cancer patients in Coles, Douglas, Moultrie and Shelby counties through continued delivery of mobile mammography services and assistance with out-of-pocket medical and non-medical patient care costs for an estimated 20 to 30 low-income persons who face transportation or economic barriers to care. In addition, certification training for the Breast Health Navigator and Ultrasound Techs (3) and provider education at six to ten referral sites will improve delivery of health care services for breast cancer patients at the Diagnostic Imaging Department and the Regional Cancer Center at Mattoon. The resulting changes will include increased access to care, incorporation of best practices in patient navigation, and an improved patient experience (i.e., reduced wait time and smoother transitions of care.)

Shelby Memorial Hospital; Shelbyville, IL - $19,700.00
Project Director:    Amy Waddington    Phone:    (217) 774-3961    E-Mail:     awaddington@mysmh.org
Grant Title:    Pink Ribbon Project
Through SMH’s Pink Ribbon Program (PRP), uninsured and under-insured rural women have received screenings and been educated on the importance of early detection. The PRP provides a digital screening mammogram, diagnostic mammogram or breast ultrasound, the physician’s interpretation and educational material regarding breast cancer all at no cost to women who qualify. Qualifications are: individuals must be 35-64, be uninsured or under-insured, and meet income guidelines. Some, due to limited income, wouldn’t comply with their physician’s advice to have a mammogram or diagnostics without financial aid. To overcome knowledge deficits, SMH participates in an annual health fair and a local high school hosts a “Tackle for a Cure” football game. The goals of the game and the health fair are to educate women about breast cancer, getting a screening mammogram and our PRP. SMH wants no woman to do without a screening because of her finances.