Who Are We?

Komen Memorial was formed in 1992 as an affiliate of Susan G. Komen®.

Komen Memorial holds the distinction of being the birth and final resting place of Susan G. Komen.  Komen Memorial holds three More Than Pink Walk events in the series, including the second oldest Race for the Cure in the nation, held each May and remains the largest fundraising event of its kind in Peoria history.

Our Race series includes these marquee events:

Komen Peoria More Than Pink Walk – Held annually on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, thousands of committed runners, walkers, survivors and co-survivors, descend upon Metro Centre to More Than Pink Walk.

Springfield More Than Pink Walk – Held annually in June, the Springfield Race has the unique distinction of being Komen Memorial’s only night time race, culminating in a vivid display of pink fireworks over the Illinois State capitol building.

Bloomington/Normal More Than Pink Walk – Held annually on the Saturday after Labor Day, the Twin Cities host thousands of warriors on the path to end breast cancer forever, kicking off at the corporate campus of State Farm.

These events bring women, men, and children together each year, raising over $1 million dollars annually for breast cancer education, screening, treatment and research.

How your dollar works

Komen Memorial is committed to keeping our local operating costs (event expenses, salary, insurance, rent, etc.) under 25% of the total funds raised. The remaining portion of revenue is referred to as net income.

Breast Health Pie Chart75% of these dollars remain in the service area, using a competitive granting process. Since its first granting period, Komen Memorial has awarded more than $10 million to local organizations to support community health grants for breast cancer services. Competitive grant dollars are never awarded outside of its 36-county service area.

25% of the net funds go directly to the Komen National Grant Program to fund cutting edge research to find the cures.  It is important to note that the national office of Komen is funded through independent sources, and no affiliate dollars ever go to underwrite their expenses.

Komen Memorial is also home to the Circle of Promise and a number of breast cancer support groups. These initiatives address outreach issues for minority and survivors, sharing the breast health message through a mix of education and inspiration.

The Memorial Affiliate’s service area covers 36 counties in central Illinois. Plans are underway to extend fundraising and mission activities into the expanded service area.

Thanks to the thousands of people who participant in the More Than Pink Walk and other Affiliate events each year, dedicated corporate partners and generous donors, the Komen Memorial is playing a vital role in fighting breast cancer in our community.

What started as a promise between sisters became the Susan G. Komen®, which has become the catalyst for a worldwide movement to end breast cancer forever. Some examples of what Susan G. Komen-funded research and education have accomplished thus far:

  • Discovery of the first cancer susceptibility genes.  BRCA1 and BRCA2, allowing many women to understand their risk before cancer develops.
  • Treatment and prevention strategies for hormone-dependent and HER-2 breast cancers, cutting the death rate from those cancers by 50 percent.
  • Five-year survival rates in the U.S. are now 98 percent for cancers that haven’t spread from the breast, up from 74 percent when we started in 1982.