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PRAY for the CURE is a unique, spiritual, and emotional care event that recognizes that faith and family are key factors for many cancer survivors as they journey through their diagnosis and treatment.  It is a special evening dedicated to prayer, music and community support. The evening is in honor of breast cancer survivors, their families, friends and healthcare providers. PRAY for the CURE began in Peoria in 2004, envisioned and led by Rev. Linda Butler as part of her personal healing journey, and has grown to include events in Bloomington and Springfield.


Rev. Butler, long-time breast cancer survivor, pursued her vision for the event based on her professional experience and research as a chaplain to breast cancer patients. A survey among her patients revealed that their spiritual well-being greatly contributed to their perspective toward the disease and their treatment. Their spirituality provided hope for the future and gave meaning and purpose for life.


PRAY for the CURE is organized by an independent committee, in collaboration with Susan G. Komen, which includes breast cancer survivors and breast health advocates who have the support of community organizations and businessesPRAY for the CURE serves as a prelude to the Susan G. Komen’s Signature Event, the MORE THAN PINK WalkTM, held at the State Capitol each yearEvents can still be held in communities and regions not hosting a MORE THAN PINK WalkTM event.


The steering is typically 5-7 persons, and includes a chairperson and committee chairs.  The committee also appoints someone to record meeting minutes and serve as treasurer.  The committee assignments are programming, promotions, and prayer.


Persons interested in having a PRAY for the CURE in their community should contact Komen Memorial at mail@komenmemorial.org.