2018/2019 Komen Memorial
Grant Awards $441,754

Susan G. Komen Memorial is proud to announce that $441,754 has been awarded in grants to agencies which provide breast health awareness, education, screening and treatment programs throughout its 36 county service area.

Seventy-five percent of net proceeds raised from Komen Memorial events remain in Central Illinois and twenty-five percent supports the Susan G. Komen National Grant Program for breast cancer research to benefit women throughout the United States and the world.  Since its establishment, Susan G. Komen Memorial has awarded more than $12 million to Central Illinois agencies for breast health awareness, education, screening, and treatment programs.

Peoria Area Grantees

Fulton County Health Department, Canton, IL – $15,054
Project Director:  Amy Edwards Phone:  (309) 647-1134 E-Mail:  aedwards@fultonco.org
Grant Title:  Breast Health Awareness, Barrier Reduction, Navigation and Supportive Services
Fulton County Health Department will utilize funding to assess and reduce barriers as well as educate and navigate clients. Fulton County is a large rural area adjacent to Peoria County. Clients from some of the smaller towns located in Peoria County come to our facility for services due to the location. All clients regardless of race or residency are provided with one on one education to promote awareness. Needs are often evaluated and referrals are made to alleviate barriers associated with receiving services. All clients with abnormal results are case managed until they are no longer in need of follow up care. Patient navigation services are utilized to ensure that each client receives complete care. Those diagnosed with breast cancer are referred for supportive services. Grant funding will continue to be utilized to maintain the operation of the quarterly Breast Cancer Survivor Group. All survivors have the opportunity to discuss health needs/barriers with staff at each meeting.

Girls Light Our Way (GLOW), Peoria, IL – $1,500
Project Director:  Onecia Green Phone:  (225) 802-0867 E-Mail:  onecia_g@yahoo.com
Grant Title:  GLOW Girls Rock Pink
Data described in the quantitative data assessment identified that systemic/institutional barriers to care and personal/cultural barriers to accessing care were two themes identified for Hispanic/Latina and Black/African American women. Their daughters are all likely members of the Girls Light Our Way organization. They are in dire need of the information and breast health education to be equipped to reduce breast cancer rates in their generation. The GLOW Girls Rock Pink initiative will provide breast health education and hands-on activities in health (mental/physical/nutritional).  The girls are ages 14-18 and primarily attend Manual High School, but other girls from the community will participate during weekend sessions. The program director expects to serve 40-60 girls. We anticipate behavioral changes and more thoughtful approaches to everyday living, diet, exercise, and relationships.

Hancock County Health Department, Carthage, IL – $10,000
Project Director:  Carla Fink Phone:  (217) 357-2171 E-Mail: carlafink@hchd1.org
Grant Title:  Helping Hancock County Women Get the Breast Health Services They Need
The Hancock County Health Department (HCHD) will present an extensive campaign of community outreach and interactive education during the 2018 grant year. Efforts to raise awareness and distribute program and educational materials will take several forms, including program education and promotion with providers, collaboration with local schools to designate Pink football, volleyball and basketball games; staff presence at 3 or more additional community events during the grant year; partnerships with local food pantries, hospital patient registration staff, and Ministerial Alliances to improve connections with the most needy individuals in our population, and a High Heel Race featuring local celebrities to be held at the Hancock County Fights Cancer event in June. Limited financial support will be available to assist breast cancer survivors. Services provided will include follow-up mammograms and lab work, and gas cards for those who travel to receive care.

Knox County Health Department, Galesburg, IL – $5,000
Project Director:  Catherine Ayres Phone:  (309) 344-2224 E-Mail: cayres@knoxcountyhealth.org
Grant Title:  Breast Health Education and Outreach
The goal of this project is to improve breast health of women in Knox County. The target population(s) include women 40 years and older, includes African-American and Latino women; Knox County will be emphasized, as there are rural areas and lower socioeconomic areas throughout. A focus of one-on-one and group sessions, navigation health services, financial assistance with diagnostics due to insurance, overcoming barriers to access of care.  A minimum of 500 women will be touched by this project through education and outreach efforts. Expected outcomes include increasing understanding of breast health by timely mammography screening rates, decreasing breast cancer rates and barriers that limit services. Project Evaluation through data analysis of Breast Self-Awareness Questionnaires, satisfaction surveys and other local statistics. The outcomes and results will serve as tools for quality improvement and help to guide further efforts of providing education and outreach to our county.

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation- Susan G. Komen Breast Center,
Peoria, IL – $5,000
Project Director: Tenille Oderwald      Phone: (309) 624-4505 E-Mail: tenille.m.oderwarld@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:  OSF – Lifestyle Intervention thru Nutrition and Physical Activity for Survivors and Those at High Risk
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines recommend that breast cancer patients post treatment should make weight management a priority, particularly weight loss for those who are overweight.  65 of breast cancer survivors are overweight or obese and fewer than 30 engage in recommended levels of physical activity.  The LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition) program will provide a lifestyle modification aimed to improve diet quality and increase physical activity thru individual and group dietitian led sessions and interactive sessions.  The goal of the program will empower women to embrace a new, healthier lifestyle in effort to reduce risk of recurrence.

Patients identified as high risk through the OSF High Risk Assessment Program will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Nutrition for Prevention program. This quarterly class will focus on modifying controllable behaviors.

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation- Susan G. Komen Breast Center,
Peoria, IL – $10,555
Project Director: Nikki Willenborg      Phone: (309) 683-5328 E-Mail: nicole.r.willenborg@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:  OSF-Access to Breast Imaging Program
The Access to Breast Imaging Program will improve access to care by providing imaging exams to those in need.  Methods to achieve these goals will be communication of the grant availability throughout the OSF community and to those in the community that we partner with.  The target populations will be uninsured and underinsured African American and Hispanic populations, rural populations and women of screening mammogram age who do not know about or do not follow screening mammogram guidelines.  We expect that removing the concern of financial burden will encourage women to receive the recommended breast imaging.

OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation- Susan G. Komen Breast Center,
Peoria, IL – $15,000
Project Director: Mindy Thompson    Phone: (309) 683-5324   E-Mail: mindy.r.thompson@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:  OSF-Pink Link
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center will continue to collaborate with Unity Point Health-Methodist of Illinois to provide financial assistance for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer through the Pink Link grant. The Pink Link grant will continue to focus on newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, providing them with gas and grocery cards.  We understand the financial burden of cancer can be great for some. We desire for the patient’s main focus to be on healing instead of the stress of financial hardship. We have provided this program for the past 9 years with great success.

OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation- Susan G. Komen Breast Center,
Peoria, IL – $10,080
Project Director: Lisa Hartwig     Phone: (309) 282-1607   E-Mail: lisa.r.hartwig@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title:  OSF-Complementary Care Scholarship
The OSF Complementary Care Scholarship exists as part of the continuum of care for breast cancer survivors.  We will continue to provide scholarships for oncology massage and acupuncture to those with a need, as identified by a Cancer Rehabilitation clinician. Grant funds will provide more than 100 visits for these complementary survivorship services to aid in return to work and usual activities, decrease healthcare costs of long term treatment and cancer-related side effects, and improve quality of life.

Tazewell County Health Department, Tremont, IL – $53,772
Project Director:  Kim Gudzinskas Phone:  (309) 925-5511 E-Mail:  kgudzinskas@tchd.net
Grant Title:  Reaching the Unreachable
Tazewell County Health Department’s (TCHD) “Reaching the Unreachable” program provides breast health education and free breast cancer screenings in the counties of Marshall, Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford. Education will be focused on Black/African- American women and Hispanic/Latino women who would otherwise not receive breast health education and/or screenings.  We will continue to partner with Unity Point Health-Pekin Hospital for the annual Free Mammogram Day and hope to expand this “free” event to all 4 counties. Our program will increase access to breast cancer care by addressing systematic and cultural barriers, i.e. transportation and language barriers, which will lead to an increase in breast cancer screenings in women over 40.  We will provide no cost diagnostic services to uninsured and under insured women.  RN Patient Navigation services is provided to every woman enrolled in our program.

UnityPoint Health–Methodist | Proctor Foundation, Foundation, Peoria, IL – $45,608
Project Director:  Anne Bowman Phone:  (309) 672-5979 E-Mail:  anne.bowman@unitypoint.org
Grant Title:  Breast Health Navigation Services
Breast Cancer disparities are differences in breast cancer outcomes among specific population groups. These groups may include those characterized by race/ethnicity, religion, or nationality, socioeconomic status, age, geography, or disability. There are many reasons for the disparities in breast cancer outcomes in these populations. However, differences in the prevalence of established breast cancer risk factors, as well as    barriers to quality care are often responsible. Barriers to quality care that may lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes are: financial and economic, language and cultural, communication, health care systems, transportation, biases, fear. The project is a process by which a navigation team guides 150 patients through and around barriers in their continuum of care. Evidence has shown an improvement in 5-year survival rates of breast cancer patients and families who were navigated from screening through resolution.

Bloomington/Normal Area Grantees

Community Cancer Center Foundation, Normal, IL – $34,980
Project Director:  Becky Powell Phone:  (309) 451-8500 E-Mail:  bpowell@cancercenter.org
Grant Title:  Pink Partners® of the Community Cancer Center
Pink Partners™ is an area wide initiative to educate women about breast health and to raise the mammography rate in our community. The program includes educational outreach activities to help clear the confusion about mammograms and other breast health concerns that will target African American, Hispanic, and rural women in McLean County and the six surrounding counties. This program provides access to a certified breast health navigator-who can assist women from diagnosis to survivorship, an oncology social worker-who can help patients apply for financial assistance programs and other resources, and financial assistance for women diagnosed with breast cancer for non-medical debts acquired during treatment. By eliminating educational, financial, and transportation barriers, this project can impact the number of women seeking mammograms which, in turn, can save lives through early detection and provide critical assistance to those diagnosed.

The Links Incorporated, Central Illinois Chapter, Bloomington, IL – $6,000
Project Director:  Wilma Bates Phone:  (309) 530-0137 E-Mail:  wilma24@msn.net
Grant Title:  Taking STEPS (Screening, Education, Treatment Programs)
The program will present a timeline of ensuring healthy breast, starting with the appointment & being comfortable with the process asking questions.  We will provide screening, self-breast exam education, & reminders why regular screening is necessary.  Breast cancer is the most common cause of death of all the cancers among African American women.  Our program will present information residing in McLean and Macon County.  We will address myths & misinformation that can be barriers to seeking health care. We will have health care providers, nutritionist, fitness instructors.  We will present information to families on dealing with a cancer diagnosis and what resources are available for support.  Procedures for biopsy, ultrasounds, surgery.  Reconstructive surgery options, living with scars & living as survivor.  The impact of our program will continue to help women gain a greater understanding of being proactive.

McLean County Health Department, Bloomington, IL – $10,000
Project Director:  Gemille Purnell Phone: (309) 888-5954 E-Mail:  gemille.purnell@mcleancountyil.gov
Grant Title:  Worship in Pink
The Worship in Pink initiative will be presented to area faith-based leaders as a way to open the lines of communication about breast health, promote breast cancer education, and celebrate the lives of those who have fought against breast cancer. With their participation, individual Worship in Pink events will be scheduled for each faith-based organization tailored to meet their own community’s needs. McLean County Health Department will be specifically targeting faith-based organizations in rural and minority communities who have lower rates of breast health education and mammography. The program will be evaluated with surveys of congregation members and leaders. Through Worship in Pink, breast cancer education will spread to more than 500 McLean County residents, increasing the rates of women receiving mammograms and mitigating the deadly prognosis of breast cancer for patients.

Springfield Area Grantees

Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University, Springfield, IL – $20,651
Project Director: Kristi Lessen Phone: (217) 545-7493 E-Mail:  klessen@siumed.edu
Grant Title: Mammogram Mondays
Studies show women are uneasy about scheduling a mammogram because they fear discomfort and confronting the issue, misinformation about screening, and busy schedules. Funding from the Komen Foundation will allow us to provide “Mammogram Mondays” which occur each Monday in October to encourage women to get a free mammogram, specifically targeting those ages 40-74, living in rural areas, under-insured, Hispanic, and immigrants in our communities. The Regional Cancer Partnership (RCP) seeks to improve breast cancer outcomes through low or no cost screening, education programs, and support services. A process evaluation will be provided to the participants in order to assess the effectiveness of the program, along with a RCP meeting to evaluate the program overall. Last year, we served 78 women and hope to increase our screenings this year by adding three more locations.

Illinois Public Health Association, Springfield, IL – $30,468
Project Director:  Patricia Canessa, MD Phone:  (312) 203-9468 E-Mail:  pcanessam@yahoo.com
Grant Title: Women of Color Cancer Outreach
The project will work with two groups of women at risk of delayed diagnosis and care: Hispanics and African immigrants. Both groups are known as women who seek diagnosis as symptoms appear to be advanced (Pan African Breast Cancer Research, 84 of all cases in several countries are diagnosed at stage 4) impacting their likelihood of survival and quality of post mastectomy life. Participants will be engaged through social, educational and employment venues or places where they commonly congregate. 50 Hispanic women will be addressed with a peer-based intervention: AMIGAS/FRIENDS, where experiences from cancer survivors show the efficacy of mammograms and clinical exams, and clarify many misrepresentations of breast cancer. The second group, 50 African women, will be engaged in a recently-designed, culturally-sound awareness intervention based in a health belief model: Njema Afya, delivered by African students of public health. Both will be referred to BCCP or private care sites.

Montgomery County Health Department, Hillsboro, IL – $21,974
Project Director:  Kayla Hilt Phone:  (217)532-2001  E-Mail:  mchdkayla@outlook.com
Grant Title:  Montgomery County Health Department Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
The program will help to provide limited financial assistance to breast cancer patients who demonstrate a strong financial need. The key activities will include assistance in paying for co-pays, deductibles, prescription medications, gasoline for travel, special equipment, house loan payment or rent, or other unusual special expenses. No payment will be made directly to the cancer patients. Vendors will be paid directly by MCHD. Also, one maximum award will be paid to a patient in a 12-month period. Evaluation methods will include tracking the number of breast cancer patients requesting and qualifying for assistance. Also tracking what expenses are most requested to receive assistance with. The anticipated change for our community is for more breast cancer patients to actively seek treatment knowing that some financial burden will be relieved by this program. This will also potentially alleviate a portion of the psychological stress associated with cancer treatment.

Sangamon County Medical Society and Alliance Foundation, Springfield, IL – $7,500
Project Director:  Carol Harms Phone:  (217) 726-5106  E-Mail:  carik@smmsdocs.org
Grant Title: Patient Financial Assistance
SCMS Foundation is asking for 5,000 to help patients being served in Sangamon County with areas that can become barriers to treatment. The Foundation is asking for support in order to provide patients who are in need of items such as food, transportation, medical supplies, rental assistance, and or utility assistance.  SCMS Foundation would work with medical providers to ensure they were aware of the funding available to their patients in need.  Due to the costs ranging with the areas described above, we are setting our number served at 18 but hope to be able to serve more. We hope through this service more individuals struggling to access their care will not have to experience as many barriers and will be able to receive the care necessary to receive the much needed treatment.  The goals are to have patients attend all treatments and be able to finish treatment as scheduled.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Mattoon, IL – $3,688
Project Director:  Stacia Goings Phone:  (217)238-4524  E-Mail:  sgoings@sblhs.org
Grant Title: Training for Breast Health Professionals
SBL seeks funds to support the participation of the SBL Breast Health Navigator (BHN) in the Breast Health Symposium in September 2017 at Peoria. In addition, SBL will host a one-day in-service training on digital breast tomography and open this training to other organizations. The 8-hour training will accommodate up to 10 SBL employees and 5 external participants (CE credits offered.) Instruction will be provided by an external trainer (Medical Technology Management Institute of Menomonee Falls, WI) and hosted at the Lumpkin Family Center for Health Education on SBL’s main campus. SBL implemented the use of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) in FY18, and we anticipate its use with 75 the screened population, or about 5,000 women annually. Resulting project outcomes include incorporation of best practices in patient navigation, improved rates of detection of cancer in early stages, and an improved patient experience (i.e. reduced wait time and smoother transitions of care.)

Mammograms Save Lives License Plate Grantees

Fulton County Health Department, Canton, IL – $5,000
Project Director:  Amy Edwards Phone: (309) 647-1134×248 E-Mail:  aedwards@fultonco.org
Grant Title:  Awareness, Screening, Diagnosis, Barrier Reduction Assistance
Fulton County Health Department will utilize funding to improve client access to screening. Emphasis will be placed on targeted high risk geographical areas throughout the county. Our agency will continue to utilize our health educator for our breast health awareness activities/outreach. Staff will continue to promote the importance of early detection by distributing material to age appropriate women. Our nurse practitioner will also provide these women with a breast exam and one on one education/counseling session. A voucher system is in place to financially assist clients. Staff will schedule appointments with facility of client’s choice to help them navigate through the health care system. Each client will be monitored from the initial contact to the completion of screening services. If follow-up care is needed, staff will then assist client with vouchers for their diagnostic care and case manage them to ensure that they are receiving appropriate care and referrals.

Illinois Public Health Association, Springfield, IL – $26,174
Project Director:  Patricia Canessa, MD Phone:  (312) 203-9468 E-Mail:  pcanessa@yahoo.com
Grant Title:  Friends Helping Friends
African and other non-Hispanic immigrants represent a growing group in Central Illinois where they work or attend college. Their presence is recognized in the meat processing industries and other food industries. As a consequence of their lifetime exposure to toxic substances, failure to practice health prevention behaviors and several cultural beliefs in traditional medicine, they are a group that is at risk of diverse forms of cancer. African statistics show that 80 of all cases are diagnosed at advanced stages. Women are not likely to recall their family history, making difficult to anticipate BRCA risk. IPHA has spent two years outreaching and attempting to engage this population in an education campaign. IPHA proposes to develop a specific evidence-based practice model in partnership with UIS School of Public Health, engaging African students in outreach and delivery of breast health messages to 50 African women. Messages will be crafted with cultural competency in mind.

Lake County Health Department, Waukegan, IL – $5,000
Project Director:  Vianey Casillas Phone:  (847) 377-8405 E-Mail:  vcasillas@lakecountyil.gov
Grant Title:  Breast Cancer Screening Program for Lake County Women Ages 40-49
With Komen funds, the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center (LCHD/CHC) will provide breast cancer screening to at least 34 uninsured women who are 40-49 years old and live in Lake County.  The women who participate in the screening program will receive an initial mammogram screening as well as coordination of care to ensure follow-up for abnormal results.  Studies have shown that early detection is the best way to decrease mortality and morbidity caused by breast cancer and that the risk of developing breast cancer begins to rise after the age of 40.  Funding from the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation creates access for uninsured women between 40-49 years of age.  Otherwise, these women would have to postpone services until age 50 due to limitations in other available funding sources.  As an access-oriented project, LCHD/CHC tracks the number of participants who benefit from Komen funding as well as screening and follow-up outcomes for these women.

LaSalle County Health Department, Ottawa, IL – $1,450
Project Director:  Cathy Larsen Phone:  (815) 433-3366 E-Mail:  clarsen@lasallecounty.org
Grant Title: Breast Cancer Screening, Education and Awareness Program
LCHD has designed a project to support the mission of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by providing services and education to women in LaSalle and Grundy Counties regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural disparities, or age, or other potential barriers which may exist including income. The ultimate goal of this project is to support early detection by empowering women to have an annual screening mammogram and to follow-up with any further diagnostic evaluations and follow-ups as indicated. Funding awarded from the “Mammograms Save Lives License Plate Mammogram Fund” will support this project. LCHD anticipates providing breast services to 10 women who reside in LaSalle or Grundy County. By this effort, the agency will achieve the goals of breast cancer education to women, annual breast cancer screening services at no cost to women, and a method of tracking for annual continuation of care.

McDonough County Health Department, Macomb, IL – $14,225
Project Director:  Kerri Allen Phone:  (309) 837-9951 E-Mail:  kallen@mchdep.com
Grant Title:  Breast Cancer Detection Services for Rural Women
Our project this year will focus on rural women receiving one on one education and patient navigation services.  We plan to educate no less than 250 women on the warning signs of breast cancer, the importance of getting screened, making healthy lifestyle choices, in addition to more depth education on breast cancer etc. as needed.  We plan to approach women at different locations and events, starting off the conversation with the 8 warning signs of breast cancer.  We will proceed as the conversation leads us and end with giving educational information about breast cancer and the importance of screenings and services.  We will also inquire about when their last mammogram was, if they have limitations or barriers to being screened and find ways to assist them, particularly offering to assist with travel assistance.

Montgomery County Health Department, Hillsboro, IL – $2,074
Project Director: Kayla Hilt Phone: (217) 532-2001 E-Mail:  mchdkayla@outlook.com
Grant Title:  Montgomery County Health Department Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
The purpose of the program is to assist women with the cost of traveling to screening and diagnostic services. Evaluation methods will include tracking the number of women served through the program, as well as client surveys that are sent out following receipt of services. The expected change in the communities is that the financial burden of traveling to receive needed services will be lessened.  The counties served with this funding will be Calhoun, Champaign, Clark, Coles, Crawford, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Edwards, Effingham, Gallatin, Greene, Jackson, Jasper, Lawrence, Macoupin, McLean, Monroe, Montgomery, Moultrie, Perry, Randolph, Richland, Saline, Vermillion, Wabash, White, and Williamson.

Presence Health – Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, Chicago, IL – $5,000
Project Director: Gladys Aguirre Phone: (312) 770-3435 E-Mail:  gaguirre@presencehealth.org
Grant Title:  Breast Care for Low Income Women
Our program for the Breast Care for Low-Income Women Program exists to increase access to breast care for low-income minority women within Presence Saint Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center’s (PSMEMC) service area which includes six Cook County communities. The program provides breast care education to medically underserved women through partnerships with trusted community organizations.  Women are navigated through the breast health continuum of care.  Education, screening, diagnostic services, treatment, and survivorship are our major functions.  Each year we service more than 730 women, of which 85 are Hispanic and are from the vulnerable population.  Komen funds will be primarily support extra mammograms for women who do not qualify for the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

Stephenson County Health Department, Freeport, IL – $2,000
Project Director:  Holly Calcaterra Phone:  (815) 599-8420  E-Mail: holly.calcaterra@aeroinc.net
Grant Title:  Early Detection Saves Lives
This project will provide low income, uninsured women, ages 40-49 the opportunity to have a screening mammogram for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer.  The Well Woman Program of the Stephenson County Health Department currently targets women between the ages of 50-64 in the counties of Stephenson, JoDaviess, Lee, Ogle and Carroll through the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP).  Komen funding would provide us with the means to offer these Life Saving services to women ages 40-49.  Our goal would be to provide 10 – 3D screening mammograms and 30 – Digital Screening mammograms for a total of 40 mammograms.  We will monitor our efficiency by sending all patients an evaluation form after services have been rendered.  We really appreciate the Komen funds to continue to provide services for our younger population in need.

Tazewell County Health Department, Tremont, IL – $35,000
Project Director:  Kim Gudzinskas Phone:  (309) 925-5511 E-Mail:  kgudzinskas@tchd.net
Grant Title:  No Excuses
Tazewell County Health Department’s (TCHD) “No Excuses” program will provide breast health education to women in the counties of Marshall, Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford.  We will provide breast screenings and diagnostics to at least 100 uninsured or under insured women. We will continue to focus on women living in the rural areas of the communities. We will also focus on Black or African- American women and Hispanic/Latino women who would otherwise not receive breast health education and/or screenings.  We will continue to partner with Unity Point Health-Pekin Hospital with the annual Free Mammogram Day. Our hope is to begin working to expand this “Free” day to other Unity Point Health locations as well. We will work to decrease the barriers of lack of transportation and access for women in all 4 counties which increases the number of women being screened. Client & provider surveys, evaluations, and quality assurance are a few methods of how we will measure outcomes.

UnityPoint Health – Methodist/Proctor Foundation, Peoria, IL – $10,000
Project Director:  Teresa Pheasant Phone:  (309) 672-5781 E-Mail:  Teresa.pheasant@unitypoint.org
Grant Title:  UnityPoint Health Breast Screening and Diagnostics
Breast Cancer disparities are differences in breast cancer outcomes among specific populations groups. These groups may include those characterized by race/ethnicity, religion, or nationality, socioeconomic status, age, geography, or disability. These are many reasons for the disparities in breast cancer outcomes in these populations. However, differences in the prevalence of established breast cancer risk factors, as well as barriers to quality care are often responsible. Barriers to quality care that may lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes are: financial and economic, language and cultural, communication, health care systems, transportation, biases, fear. Activities: Identification, improved access, screenings and diagnostic services. Number served: 200 mammography exams and 100 diagnostic services with guidance from a Breast Health Navigator. Outcome: 95 patient satisfaction via system-wide survey.

VNA Healthcare, Aurora, IL – $25,000
Project Director:  Tammy Pruitt Phone:  (630) 892-4355 E-Mail:  tpruitt@vnahealth.com
Grant Title:  Screening Mammograms for Women in Need
VNA is seeking funding to provide screening mammograms to low-income, primarily minority women that would otherwise not receive this vital preventive care.  This would be accomplished by screening 240 under- and uninsured women aged 40-50 who do not qualify for IBCCP and those that qualify but have been placed on a wait list due to significant funding cuts within the IBCCP program. Komen support would ensure that these high-risk women could be referred by VNA Providers for a mammogram and women with abnormal results would then receive diagnostic services and treatment, if necessary, through the IBCCP program. Women who do not qualify for this coverage will be referred for charitable care at area hospitals for breast cancer treatment. Timely navigation, education and support will be provided by culturally competent VNA case managers specialized in breast cancer prevention and care. This program reduces outcome disparities and increases access to care for the vulnerable women served.

Winnebago County Health Department, Rockford, IL – $4,000
Project Director:  Carolyn Shelton Phone:   (815) 972-7252 E-Mail:  cshelton@wchd.org
Grant Title:  Screening Mammograms
The project will provide free screening services for 60 low income, uninsured women. Eligible women may be referred to the program through many venues, including self-referral and referral by health care providers. There will be intensive collaboration with participating health care agencies and ongoing efforts to recruit new providers. The IBCCP coalition group which consists of several agencies in the three county area meets every three months to identify and problem solve ways to increase the number of women who receive screening services. The project’s evaluation information will be compiled on a comprehensive electronic spreadsheet to track the accomplishment of the defined goals. This project is a vital part of meeting our organization’s mission with collaboration with multiple agencies in Winnebago, Boone, and DeKalb Counties. With early detection, diagnosis, and treatment for breast cancer, the program will improve the health of the community by enhancing quality of life.