2016/2017 Komen Memorial
Grant Awards $512,944

Susan G. Komen Memorial is proud to announce that $512,944 has been awarded in grants to agencies which provide breast health awareness, education, screening and treatment programs throughout its 36-county service area.

Seventy-five percent of net proceeds raised from Memorial Affiliate events remain in Central Illinois and twenty-five percent supports the Susan G. Komen National Grant Program for breast cancer research to benefit women throughout the United States and the world. Since its establishment, Susan G. Komen Memorial has awarded more than $11.5 million to Central Illinois agencies for breast health awareness, education, screening, and treatment programs.

Komen Memorial Grantees Are:

Fulton County Health Department; Canton, IL - $21,231
Project Director: Amy Edwards Phone: (309) 647-1134 E-Mail: aedwards@fultonco.org
Grant Title: Diagnostic and Supportive Services
Fulton County Health Department will utilize funding to provide diagnostic care, transportation assistance, and supportive services. Fulton County is a large rural area with limited public transportation and limited access to client services. Our facility promotes breast health awareness and has funding available to provide screening services. When abnormalities are identified, clients will be informed and encouraged to complete all of their follow up care. A voucher system is in place to provide financial assistance to those in need of diagnostic care. Staff will assist clients by scheduling appointments and providing referrals as needed. Clients will be monitored from initial contact to the completion of their follow up care. In the event of a cancer diagnosis, clients will be offered supportive services. Our facility has an existing survivor group that welcomes any client diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hult Center for Healthy Living, Peoria, IL - $15,452.00
Project Director: Holly Bill Phone: (309) 692-6650 E-Mail: hbill@hulthealthy.org
Grant Title: Breast Self Awareness
The purpose of the Breast Self-Awareness (BSA) program is to educate young women in the KMASA about BSA and increase their knowledge and health behaviors related to breast health. BSA will educate women on the importance of making breast health a priority throughout their lifetime, encouraging habits to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The activities utilize a PowerPoint presentation and video to help reinforce the message of: know your risk, get screened, know what is normal for you, and make healthy lifestyle choices. Students will participate by using TurningPoint hand-held remotes to answer questions. This data will be used to assess a growth in knowledge and behavior change. The program expects to educate 1,500 female participants. The program will also expand in collaboration with the MammoVan to expand the educational opportunities presented with the Mobile Educational Classroom at various locations including the Health Departments and Fire Stations throughout central Illinois.

McDonough County Health Department, Macomb, IL - $15,684.00
Project Director: Kerri Allen Phone: (309) 837-9951 E-Mail: kallen@mchdept.com
Grant Title: Breast Health Education and Client Services
Our project this year will focus on rural women receiving one-on-one education, patient navigation services, screening mammograms and diagnostic services with financial assistance for those needed. We plan to educate no less than 250 women on the warning signs of breast cancer, getting screened, making healthy lifestyle choices, in addition to providing more in-depth education on breast cancer etc. as needed. We plan to approach women at different locations and events and start the conversation with the 8 warning signs of breast cancer. After documenting this, we will proceed as the conversation leads us and end with giving educational information such as the 8 warning signs of breast cancer card or other Susan G. Komen educational pieces created to go along with key points that were discussed with the women. With this project, we will fund 6 screening mammograms, 4 diagnostic service, and financial assistance for travel to appointments for low income, rural women.

Methodist College, Peoria, IL - $10,7654.00
Project Director: Debra Disney Phone: (309) 671-5177 E-Mail: ddisney@methodistcol.edu
Grant Title: Cognitively-Based Compassion Training Teaching Certification
CBCT systematically works to cultivate compassion. Through progressive exercises, one gains insight into how one’s attitudes and behaviors support or hinder compassionate response. The practice of CBCT intensifies the desire to help others, allowing compassion to become more natural and spontaneous in one’s everyday life. It also helps increase personal resiliency by grounding one in realistic expectations of self and others. Our intended outcome is to build a level of resiliency within our medical and nursing students that will help them to enhance their compassion for self and patients which will result in a decreased risk of compassion fatigue and enrich the culture of altruism throughout the medical community and beyond.

Montgomery County Health Department, Hillsboro, IL - $13,500.00
Project Director: Debra Disney Phone: (309) 671-5177 E-Mail: ddisney@methodistcol.edu
Grant Title: Cognitively-Based Compassion Training Teaching Certification
Project Director: Kayla Hilt Phone: (217)532-2001 E-Mail: mchdkayla@outlook.com
Grant Title: Montgomery County Health Department Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
The program will help to provide limited financial assistance to breast cancer patients who demonstrate a strong financial need. The key activities will include assistance in paying for prescription medications, gasoline for travel, special equipment, house loan payment or rent, or other unusual special expenses. No payment will be made directly to the cancer patients. Vendors will be paid directly by MCHD. Also, one maximum award will be paid to a patient in a 12-month period. Evaluation methods will include tracking the number of breast cancer patients requesting and qualifying for assistance and what expenses are most requested to receive assistance with. The anticipated change for our community is for more breast cancer patients to actively seek treatment knowing that some financial burden will be relieved by this program. This will also potentially alleviate a portion of the psychological stress associated with cancer treatment.

OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation - Susan G. Komen Breast Center, Peoria, IL - $9,281.00
Project Director: Nikki Willenborg Phone: (309) 683-5328E-Mail: nicole.r.willenborg@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title: OSF-The Breast Health Community Outreach & Recruitment Program
The Access to Breast Imaging Program will improve access to care by providing imaging exams to those in need. Methods to achieve these goals will be communication of the grant availability throughout the OSF community and to those in the community that we partner with. The target populations will be uninsured and underinsured African American and Hispanic populations, rural populations, and women of screening mammogram age who do not know about or do not follow screening mammogram guidelines. We expect that removing the concern of financial burden will encourage women to receive the recommended breast imaging.

OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation - Susan G. Komen Breast Center, Peoria, IL - $13,500.00
Project Director: Tenille Oderwald Phone: (309) 683-5324 E-Mail: tenille.m.oderwald@osfhealthcare.org
Grant Title: OSF-Pink Link
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center will continue to collaborate with UnityPoint Health-Methodist | Proctor of Illinois to provide financial assistance for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer through Pink Link. Pink Link will continue to focus on newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, providing them with gas and grocery cards. We understand the financial burden of cancer can be great for some. We desire for the patient’s main focus to be on healing instead of the stress of financial hardship. We have provided this program for the past 8 years with great success.

Tazewell County Health Department, Tremont, IL - $52,093.00
Project Director: Kim Gudzinskas Phone: (309) 925-5511 E-Mail: kgudzinskas@tchd.net
Grant Title: Reaching the Unreachable
“Reaching the Unreachable” is targeting women within Tazewell County’s rural areas. These areas include but are not limited to: Armington, Hopedale, Minier, Mackinaw, Green Valley, South Pekin, Tremont, and Delavan. The majority of these rural communities sit at least 20 miles out from the nearest breast cancer screening facility (mammography centers). These rural communities have no public transportation. We would like to get into these rural communities with education that will empower women to pursue getting their mammograms. Some of these women have never seen a medical provider or even ventured out of their home towns. We will provide fuel cards to assist with the transportation barrier. We will navigate women from the beginning with education and introduction into the medical field. We will follow them through screening & diagnostics, and if necessary, through treatment and beyond. Our staff will be available to them as long as needed.

UnityPoint Health – Methodist|Proctor Foundation, Peoria, IL - $86,175.00
Project Director: Teresa Pheasant Phone: (309) 672-5781 E-Mail: teresa.pheasant@unitypoint.org
Grant Title: Breast Health Recruitment and Assessment
Population served: African American, Hispanic and Rural community women who need increased availability of screening and diagnostic mammography and those who have barriers which have prevented regular mammography. Barriers include reasonable access, cost, transportation, knowledge deficits and/or making breast health a priority. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is a critical factor in the survival of the patient. Due to lack of knowledge, fear, poverty no insurance and/or no convenient access to services, women from the African American, Hispanic and Rural communities have low rates of regular screenings with the suggested standards for mammography testing. Activities: identification, education and improved access to services. Critical to success is the Outreach Educator who will connect targeted groups with breast health services by utilizing the MammoVan in 7 counties. Number Served: 250 mammography exams; outreach education-1500. Outcome: 95% patient satisfaction via survey.

UnityPoint Health – Methodist|Proctor Foundation; Peoria, IL - $58,995.00
Project Director: Anne Bowman Phone: (309) 672-5979 E-Mail: anne.bowman@unitypoint.org
Grant Title: Breast Health Navigation Services
Breast Cancer disparities are different in breast cancer outcomes among specific population groups. These groups may include those characterized by race/ethnicity, religion, nationality, socioeconomic status, age, geography, or disability. There are many reasons for the disparities in breast cancer outcomes in these populations. However, differences in the prevalence of established breast cancer risk factors, as well as barriers to quality care, are often responsible. Barriers to quality care that may lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes are: financial and economic, language and cultural, communication, health care systems, transportation, biases, fear. The project is a process by which a navigation team guides 150 patients through and around barriers in their continuum of care. Evidence has shown an improvement in 5-year survival rates of breast cancer patients and families who were navigated from screening through resolution.

University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria, Peoria, IL - $10,000.00
Project Director: Marcelo Soares Phone: (309) 680-8628 E-Mail: mbsoares@uic.edu
Grant Title: Cognitively-Based Compassion Training
Medical students and residents are at high risk for depression and anxiety. Burnout among US physicians worsened significantly in the past few years. Neuroscientists at the Max Planck Institute in Germany showed that the same region of the brain is activated when we feel pain and when we feel empathy for the suffering of others. Importantly, they showed that after 8 weeks of compassion cultivation training, functional MRI revealed activation of neuronal processes associated with positive emotions and pro-social behavior. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of compassion cultivation training programs to reduce physicians’ burnout and error rates, and to help students cope with stress. The purpose of this proposal is to seek support for my pursuit of Emory University’s Cognitively-Based Compassion Training Teacher Certification program, with the goal of implementing a comprehensive compassionate care training program at UICOMP for medical students, residents and faculty.

Community Cancer Center Foundation; Normal, IL - $27,500.00
Project Director: Becky Powell Phone: (309) 451-8500 E-Mail: bpowell@cancercenter.org
Grant Title: Pink Partners® of the Community Cancer Center
Pink Partners is an area wide initiative to educate women about breast health and to raise the mammography rate in our community. The program includes educational outreach activities to help clear the confusion about mammograms and other breast health concerns that will target African American, Hispanic, and rural women in McLean County and the six surrounding counties. This program provides access to a certified breast health navigator who can assist women from diagnosis to survivorship and provide financial assistance for mammograms and/or diagnostic procedures for uninsured or underinsured women, transportation funding to get women to mammogram or breast cancer treatment appointments, and financial assistance for women diagnosed with breast cancer for non-medical debts acquired during treatment. By eliminating educational, financial, and transportation barriers, this project can impact the number of women seeking mammograms which, in turn, can save lives through early detection.

The Links Inc., Central Illinois Chapter, Bloomington, IL - $6,500.00
Project Director: Norma Bates Phone: (309) 530-0147 E-Mail: wilma24@msn.com
Grant Title: Taking STEPS (Screening, Treatment, Education Program)
Taking STEPS is to educate and provide screening opportunities with a focus on breast health in African American women. Through education & reminders, we want to encourage and support the need for regular and early screening. Breast cancer is the most common cause of death from cancer among African American women. Our program presents information to African American women residing in McLean and Macon County. Programming is focused on dispelling myths and misinformation, providing free access to health providers, and free mammograms. We expect to serve 120 women. Additionally, we provide information on healthy lifestyle changes and preventative health care and choices. Additionally, our presenters include breast self-awareness instructors. Women that qualify for free screenings are offered transportation to the screening site. The impact of our program continues to lead to a greater understanding of the importance of being proactive.

Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University; Springfield, IL - $18,000.00
Project Director: Kristi Lessen Phone: (217) 545-7493 E-Mail: klessen@siumed.edu
Grant Title: Mammogram Mondays
Funding from the Komen Foundation will allow us to provide “Mammogram Mondays” which occur each Monday in October to encourage 100 women to get a free mammogram, specifically targeting those ages 40-74, living in rural areas, under-insured, Hispanic, and immigrants in our communities. The Regional Cancer Partnership (RCP) seeks to improve breast cancer outcomes through low or no cost screening, education programs, and support services. A process evaluation will be provided to the participants in order to assess the effectiveness of the program, along with a RCP meeting in January 2018 to evaluate the program overall. Last year, we served 87 women and hope to increase this to 100 screenings this year.

Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University; Springfield, IL - $2,000.00
Project Director: Cindy Davidsmeyer Phone: (217) 545-3837 E-Mail: cdavidsmeyer@siumed.edu
Grant Title: Cass County Transportation to Mammogram Mondays
The Regional Cancer Partnership (RCP), via Memorial Medical Center (MMC), St. John’s Hospital (SJH), Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital (ALMH), and Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU, have the ability to change women’s views of the fear linked with mammograms. Komen Memorial has been generous to provide us with funding to provide Mammogram Mondays. This will occur each Monday in October to encourage under-insured women to get a free mammogram. Transportation and language can be a huge barrier to women, on whether or not to receive a mammogram. RCP would like to provide Cass County immigrant women with transportation and translators in order to close that barrier.

Illinois Public Health Association; Springfield, IL - $43,072.00
Project Director: Patricia Canessa, MD Phone: (312) 203-9468 E-Mail: pcanessam@yahoo.com
Grant Title: Latina Breast Cancer Outreach Network
Latinas do not represent the highest incidence of breast cancer, but have a disproportionate mortality rate from breast cancer. Reasons include economic, social, religious, educational and cultural barriers. Latinos are the least insured population. Although they have a strong workforce, they are less insured and educated on how to use health care. Therefore, education on cancer risks, diagnosis and care benefits them. This project will engage IBCCP and other providers in Central Illinois to facilitate diagnosis and care, identify venues where Latina women can be engaged, support and navigate them to access care, support a peer-based program to lead Latinas to screening and engage providers who encourage women’s participation in well care. The target population are 80 Latinas living in Cass, Champaign, McLean, Macon, Peoria, Piatt and Moultrie counties. We expect to increase the participation in screening by 25% in the targeted counties.

Memorial Medical Center Foundation; Springfield, IL - $9,008.00
Project Director: Celeste Wiley Phone: (217) 757-7684 E-Mail: wiley.celeste@mhsil.com
Grant Title: Breast Cancer Treatment Handbooks
This grant will provide the “Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook” to patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The outcome will hopefully be a better educated and informed patient, using the comprehensive information in the book.

Sangamon County Department of Public Health, Springfield, IL - $2,000.00
Project Director: James Stone Phone: (217) 535-3102 E-Mail: jims@co.sangamon.il.us
Grant Title: Improving Access to Health Care
This grant will provide gas cards to uninsured/underinsured women needing breast screenings and/or diagnostic services that do not have the means to get to their appointments. Providing gas cards will ensure that women receive the necessary services without delay.

Shelby Memorial Hospital; Shelbyville, IL - $10,980.00
Project Director: Amy Waddington Phone: (217) 774-3961 E-Mail: awaddington@mysmh.org
Grant Title: Pink Ribbon Project
Through SMH’s Pink Ribbon Program (PRP), uninsured and under-insured rural women will receive screenings and be educated on the importance of early detection. The PRP provides a digital screening mammogram, diagnostic mammogram or breast ultrasound, the physician’s interpretation and educational materials regarding breast cancer, all at no cost to women who qualify. Qualifications are: individuals must be 35-64, be uninsured or under-insured, and meet income guidelines. Some, due to limited income, wouldn’t comply with their physician’s advice to have a mammogram or diagnostics without financial aid. To overcome knowledge deficits, SMH participates in an annual health fair and a local high school hosts a “Tackle Breast Cancer for a Cure” football game. The goals of the game & the health fair are to educate women about breast cancer, getting a screening mammogram & our PRP. SMH wants no woman to do without a screening because of her finances.

Mammograms Save Lives License Plate Grantees Are:

Fulton County Health Department, Canton, IL - $2,368.00
Project Director: Amy Edwards Phone: (309) 647-1134 Ext. 248 E-Mail: aedwards@fultonco.org
Grant Title: Breast Health Screening and Transportation Assistance
Fulton County Health Department will utilize funding to improve access to screening and early detection for the uninsured population in Fulton County. Staff will distribute breast materials in all Women’s Health/Family Planning clinics to raise awareness of the importance of screening. Our nurse practitioner will initiate discussion regarding breast health and refer clients for mammogram screenings. Uninsured women will be provided a voucher to financially assist with their mammogram screening needs. Staff will schedule mammogram appointments for clients and provide appropriate referrals for follow up care as needed. Clients will be monitored from initial contact to the completion of services. All referrals and services will be recorded in individual client charts. We anticipate providing screening assistance to 15 women. In the event of abnormal results Komen or other funding will be used. Local assistor contact information will be provided to meet future insurance coverage needs.

Illinois Public Health Association, Springfield, IL - $21,894.00
Project Director: Patricia Canessa, MD Phone: (312) 203-9468 E-Mail: pcanessa@yahoo.com
Grant Title: Integrating African Women in Breast Cancer Education and Screening
The project will engage French/bilingual English-speaking African immigrant women who are residents in Cass, Sangamon and surrounding counties through the formulation of a safety net of information, referrals and screening services that respond to the unique linguistic and cultural qualities of this targeted group. The project expects to engage 40 African women in learning about breast cancer prevention and resources for diagnosis and care. Additionally, the project expects to tailor networking information dissemination models to increase the overall penetration of breast health messages among the African immigrant community. The expected results are an increase in the amount of African immigrants that practice breast health and prevention behaviors and seek screenings, and an increase in awareness about risk and symptoms of breast cancer.

Jersey County Health Department, Jerseyville, IL - $1,200.00
Project Director: Rebecca Shipley Phone: (618) 498-9565 E-Mail: bshipley@jerseycountyhealth.org
Grant Title: Jersey County Health Department
The project will provide mammograms for uninsured or underinsured women who are residents of Jersey County, Illinois. Additionally, this project will help many women receive mammograms who may otherwise be unable to do so and potentially detect cancer early in these women. The project will be evaluated by determining how many women receive mammograms under the project. The project will have a substantial impact by helping increase the number of uninsured or underinsured women who receive a mammogram.

Lake County Health Department, Waukegan, IL - $25,000.00
Project Director: Vianey Casillas Phone: (847) 377-8405 E-Mail: vcasillas@lakecountyil.gov
Grant Title: Breast Cancer Screening Program for Lake County Women Ages 40-49
The breast cancer screening program at the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center (LCHD/CHC) will provide breast cancer screening services to at least 176 uninsured women who are 40-49 years old and live in Lake County. The women who participate in the screening program will receive an initial mammogram screening and coordination of care to ensure follow-up for abnormal results (diagnostic mammograms and annual re-screenings). Studies have shown that early detection is the best way to decrease mortality and morbidity caused by breast cancer and that the risk of developing breast cancer begins to rise after the age of 40. Funding from Susan G. Komen Memorial Affiliate creates access for uninsured women between 40-49 years of age. Otherwise, these women would have to postpone services until age 50 due to limitations in other available funding sources.

LaSalle County Health Department, Ottawa, IL - $3,100.00
Project Director: Cathy Larsen Phone: (815) 433-3366 E-Mail: clarsen@lasallecounty.org
Grant Title: Breast Cancer Screening, Education and Awareness Program
The ultimate goal of this project is to support early detection by empowering women to have an annual screening mammogram. The grant performance will be evaluated each year for the number of women served and breast cancers detected. This project has been successfully on-going for many years at this agency. Despite the ACA, women remain uninsured or underinsured. These women seek assistance from LCHD, including Mammography services. Funding from this grant allows LCHD to sustain services to women in need.

McDonough County Health Department, Macomb, IL - $2,822.00
Project Director: Kerri Allen Phone: (309) 837-9951 E-Mail: kallen@mchdep.com
Grant Title: Breast Cancer Detection Services for Rural Women
This project will serve mostly women 40 years and older who need assistance when it comes to paying for screening breast health services such as breast exams, mammograms and diagnostic services. With the grant funds received for this project, we plan to target rural, low income women who do not have insurance or are underinsured and/or may have a high deductible that they can’t afford to pay for breast health services; therefore, they continue to put off their care.

Montgomery County Health Department, Hillsboro, IL - $2,075.00
Project Director: Kayla Hilt Phone: (217) 532-2001 E-Mail: mchdkayla@outlook.com
Grant Title: Montgomery County Health Department Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
The purpose of the program is to assist women with the cost of traveling to screening and diagnostic services. Evaluation methods will include tracking the number of women served through the program, as well as client surveys that are sent out following receipt of services. The expected change in the communities is that the financial burden of traveling to receive needed services will be lessened.

Presence Health – Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, Chicago, IL - $13,425.00
Project Director: Gladys Aguirre Phone: (312) 770-3435 E-Mail: gaguirre@presencehealth.org
Grant Title: Breast Care for Low Income Women
The Goal of the Breast Care for Low Income Women is to reduce the incidence of breast cancer among vulnerable populations within PSMEMC’s service area by providing education, navigation and breast services. Our objectives are to educate and provide our services among vulnerable populations with our services: to educate more than 750 low income, minority women ages 40-60 about breast health and then navigate them through the continuum of care. Minority women living in Cook County and Chicagoland’s surrounding area will benefit from culturally sensitive education and screening services through trusted community organizations and in their primary language. The program will also provide 70 screening mammograms and diagnostic testing within this target population to reduce late stage diagnoses and breast cancer mortality.

Stephenson County Health Department, Freeport, IL - $8,049.00
Project Director: Holly Calcaterra Phone: (815) 599-8420 E-Mail: holly.calcaterra@aeroinc.net
Grant Title: Early Detection Saves Lives
This project will provide low income, uninsured women, ages 40-49 the opportunity to have a screening mammogram for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer. The Well Woman Program of the Stephenson County Health Department currently targets women between the ages of 50-64 in the counties of Stephenson, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle and Carroll through the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. Komen funding would provide us with the means to offer these lifesaving services to women ages 40-49. Our goal will be to provide 57 digital mammograms. We will monitor our efficiency by sending all patients an evaluation form after services have been rendered. We really appreciate the Komen funds to continue to provide services for our younger population.

Tazewell County Health Department, Tremont, IL - $7,500.00
Project Director: Kim Gudzinskas Phone: (309) 925-5511 E-Mail: kgudzinskas@tchd.net
Grant Title: No Excuses
Tazewell County Health Department’s (TCHD) “No Excuses” program will provide breast health education to women in the community. We will also provide 50 screening mammograms to women with no health insurance and/or are under-insured. Our focus is on women living in the rural areas within Tazewell County who would not receive breast cancer education and/or screenings without our assistance. One of our key activities include the annual Free Mammogram Day. Since 2001, TCHD partners with Pekin Hospital every October on National Mammography Day. Every woman in attendance gets a free mammogram on that day along with breast health awareness education provided by Nursing Students through TCHD’s collaboration with Bradley University. Because no appointment is needed, one barrier is immediately eliminated. Program evaluation is done with client & provider surveys, chart audits, & quality assurance reviews just to name a few methods. Our goal: increase screenings.

VNA Healthcare, Aurora, IL - $35,000.00
Project Director: Tammy Pruitt Phone: (630) 892-4355 E-Mail: tpruitt@vnahealth.com
Grant Title: Screening Mammograms for Women in Need
VNA is seeking funding to provide 177 screening mammograms to low-income, underserved women that would otherwise not receive this preventive care. This will be done by screening women aged 40-50 who do not qualify for IBCCP and those that have been placed on a wait list due to budget cuts within the IBCCP program. Komen support would ensure that these high-risk women could be referred by VNA Providers for a mammogram and women with abnormal results would then receive diagnostic services and treatment, if necessary, through IBCCP. Women who do not qualify for this coverage will be referred for charitable care at area hospitals for breast cancer treatment. Timely navigation, education and support will be provided by culturally competent VNA case managers specialized in breast cancer prevention and care. This program reduces outcome disparities and increases access to care for the vulnerable women served and success would be measured by tracking women navigated and served.

Winnebago County Health Department, Rockford, IL - $8,520.00
Project Director: Carolyn Shelton Phone: (815) 972-7252 E-Mail: cshelton@wchd.org
Grant Title: Screening Mammograms
The project will provide free screening services for 60 low income, uninsured women. Eligible women may be referred to the program through many venues, including self-referral and referral by health care providers. There will be intensive collaboration with participating health care agencies and ongoing efforts to recruit new providers. The IBCCP coalition group, which consists of several agencies in the three county area, meets every three months to identify and problem solve ways to increase the number of women who receive screening services. The project’s evaluation information will be compiled on a comprehensive electronic spreadsheet to track the accomplishment of the defined goals. This project is a vital part of meeting our organization’s mission with collaboration from multiple agencies in Winnebago, Boone, and DeKalb Counties. With early detection, diagnosis, and treatment for breast cancer, the program will improve the health of the community by enhancing quality of life.